Venture RTR Hybrid 24'x52" by Sharkline Pools


Sharkline Venture
Sharkline Above Ground Swimming Pools

The Sharkline Venture is a uniquely designed hybrid above ground pool that couples injection molded resin top rails and bottom rails with steel uprights and walls. This combination provides a high level of structural strength and corrosion resistance to extend the life of the pool. The Venture features 7" Soft-Touch resin top rails that remain significantly cooler than steel for a comfortable bather experience. Its sleek three-piece, two-tone high impact resin caps add a touch of personality to this great pool.

The Venture’s steel walls and uprights are layered with Krystal Kote, a patented protective coating that provides excellent protection against chemical and U.V. damage. The Sharkline Venture is available in round or oval shapes and 52" or 54" wall heights to enhance any backyard. The oval models feature Yardmore buttresses, a space saving design that provides maximum structural support. All Sharkline pools have a full 1" bottom rail system for enhanced stability. The Venture is an excellent value high-end swimming pool that combines advanced construction with aesthetically pleasing design.

  • Hybrid Swimming Pool
  • 7” injection molded resin top rails
  • 5-1/2” steel uprights
  • 52” or 54” high galvanized steel walls
  • Available in round and oval
  • Oval pools have Yardmore space saving design
  • Top and bottom rails are injection molded resin
  • Soft-touch rails are radius design and stay cooler than steel
  • Interlocking stabilizer rails
  • Hayward Wide Mouth Thru-Wall Skimmer
  • Forty-year warranty with a two-year full warranty
  • Made in the USA

Sale Price: $1245.99


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Econo Package



Package Includes:

  • Pool - Overlap All Swirl Print Liner - Sand Filter - Hayward Wide-Mouth Thru-Wall Skimmer - A-Frame Ladder 

Pool Price: $1504.99

Package Price: $709.00 

Pool with the Econo Package:  $2213.99

 Complete Pool Package


  Package Includes:

  • Pool - All Swirl Print Liner - Hayward Thru-Wall Wide Mouth Skimmer - Hayward or Pentair 1.5 HP 150lb Sand Filter - Confer Roll-Guard Ladder - Thermometer - Test Kit - Leaf Skimmer  - 18" Wall Brush - Weighted Vac-Head - Deluxe Vac Hose - Telescoping Pole - SolarCover - Deluxe Winter Cover - Free Auto Vac While Supplies Last

Pool Price: $1504.99

Package Price: $1239.00 

Pool with The Complete Pool Package $2743.99

  The Works Pool Package

  Package Includes: 
  • Pool - uni-Bead Liner  (All Swirl, Mystri- Gold or Emerald Tile 0 - Hayward Widemouth Thru-Wall Skimmer - Hayward or Pentair 1.5HP 150lb Sand Filter - Confer Roll-Guard Ladder - Thermometer - Test Kit - Leaf Skimmer - 18" Wall Brush - Weighted Vac-Head - Deluxe Vac Hose - Telescoping Pole - Solar Cover - Deluxe Winter Cover - Auto Vac

Pool Price: $1504.99 

The Works Package Price: $1399.00

The Works Package with Pool Price:  $2903.99

*Liners from left to right - Left = All swirl, Middle Top = Emerald Tile, Right bottom = Mystri-Gold 

  The Platinum Pool Package


 Package Includes:

  • Swimming Pool - Unibead Liner ( All Swirl, Mystri Gold or Emerald Tile) - Hayward Wide Mouth Thru-Wall Skimmer - Smart Step Entry System - Pentair 150 q.ft.Cartridge Filter 1.5 HP Pump or Pentair Sand Filter 150lb 1.5HP - Thermometer - Leaf Skimmer - Test Kit - 18" Wall Brush - Weighted Vac Head - Deluxe Vac Hose - TelescopingPole - Solar Cover - Silver Supreme Winter Cover - Automatic Pool Vac
Pool Price: $1504.99
The Platinum Package Price: $1649.00
The Platinum Package with Pool Price:  $3153.99
 *Liners from left to right - Left = All swirl, Middle Top = Emerald Tile, Right bottom = Mystri-Gold 

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