Aqua Rite 15K Gallon Turbo Cell, TCELL 3,15' Cable
Goldline T-CELL-3 Chlorinator for 15,000-Gallon Pool, 15-Feet Cable. Pick N' Mix ordering system is easy - This model features 15k Turbo Cell, 15-Feet Cable, 3 year warranty. Just pick your controls solution, then your options. Pro Logic is a scalable, flexible line of Total Pool Management controls . solutions that is easily customizable to suit any backyard environment - control that can be added to as the environment changes.

Product Features

  • Turbo Cell or use with Goldline AQR - PRO, AQR, or AQR-X296, or Goldline Controllers
  • For use on pools up to 15K-Gallon
  • Right size your cell for the most effective chlorination possible
  • Automatically generate a self renewing supply of fresh, pure chlorine - for water that's clean, clear, and luxuriously soft.
  • Can be used as a replacement cell

Turbo Cell Buying Guide
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15k Turbo Cell, 15’ Cable, 3 year warranty
4.3 lbs
* New cells require software revision: Aqua Rite 1.50.

Item #TCELL3

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