Pool Frog Mineral Hybrid
Using minerals to destroy bacteria, you can generate up to 50% less chlorine with this mineral and salt chlorine generator combination. The result is softer, clearer water with a generator cell that lasts longer since it doesn't work as hard. New updated model for 2010 offers even greater benefits.

New and improved system that continues to offer EPA registered mineral technology that reduces chlorine us up to 50%.* Now with the redesigned control panel, POOL FROG offers even greater value with the following features – one unit manages up to 40,000 gallons, easy to view digital readouts, installation with 120 or 240 volts, and a helpful mineral out indicator for replacing the POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir.

Includes: Mineral Hybrid Cylcer with Mineral Reservoir, and Mineral Hybrid Generator (Control Panel, Cell & Flo Switch)

One model for in ground pools
  • up to 40,000 gallons**
    Works on all types of pools including plaster, pebble, vinyl or fiberglass
  • Works on high flow or high pressure pools even those that have in-floor cleaners.
  • Time tested proven product used on thousands of swimming pools.

No one owns a swimming pool to work more! Let POOL

FROG® Mineral Hybrid double your fun by saving you time!

  1. Here’s all you have to do:Replace the POOL FROG® Mineral Reservoir every season to reduce chlorine use up to 50%*.
  2. Periodically check the cell plates with a quick visual inspection.
  3. Regularly check the pH and balance when needed.

The unique self cleaning technology of the Mineral Hybrid Generator Cell uses “Shake Plates” that are spaced apart and continually shake to keep build up to a minimum. With our clear Mineral Hybrid Generator Cell, a simple glance is all that is needed to see if it’s time to clean. And cleaning is easy and self-contained inside the cell.

Pool care has never been easier with the innovation of POOL FROG Mineral Hybrid. Simply set the chlorine production level to meet the needs of your individual pool, set the Mineral Out indicator for 180 days, and relax! POOL FROG does the rest – destroying bacteria while reducing pH fluctations.

Now With Even More Benefits:

  • Shows the salt and chlorine levels separately and clearly on the easy-to-read digital display.
  • Features a boost (turbo) function for extra chlorination when necessary.
  • Cell cable quick disconnects are convenient when needing to remove the cell for cleaning.
  • Easy indicator to replace the mineral reservoir every 6 months or after winter shut down

    ** When heightened chlorine demand exists due to warmer climates, high

bather load, etc, the maximum pool size should be reduced by 30%

(i.e. 28,000 gallons).

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