Liquid Pool Chlorinator
Buy Now 12.5% Liquid Chlorine

All Liquid Chlorine is not made equal! 


  • The Bottom Line Is 12.5% liquid chlorine is 25% per gallon stronger than the so-called bargain stores 10%. 
  • It would take 5 Gallons of our compitors (Meijer, Menards, Walmart, ACE) Liquid Chlorine to equal 4 Gallons of Ours. if packaged at the exact same time.
  • Liquid Chlorine has a short Life span, the moment it is boxed it starts to degrade. 
  • Heat and sunlight destroys Liquid Chlorine even while it is in its own packaging.
  • Freshness is key, We replenish our stock almost daily rather than a once a year buy like our above Compitors.


Champion CHPS41 Pool Shock; 1 gal Bottle, 4/Case 12.5% liquid Chlorinator

Product Features

  • Instant gratification when added to pool, no wait time to swim
  • Does not cloud the pool
  • Ready to use
  • No settling on the bottom of the pool which creates stains
  • No scaling - scaling from granular can lead to excessively high calcium/stabilizer levels which can cause scaling
  • Liquid pool chlorinator is one of the best options to reduce cyanuric acid levels

So by now you can find liquid pool chlorine just about anywhere, It can be found at your professional swimming pool shop, your want to be pool stores, the big box super stores, your local hardware store, where you buy your groceries and soon I'm sure at your 24hr convenience store. So is it all the same? The answer is NO.

Facts about Liquid Chlorine

There are two basic types sold for swimming pool use

12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite (bottle Label) Sold at: Water Works, Pools, Hot Tubs & More Inc.

  • Percentage Strength at Bottling = 14.50%
  • Lbs. by weight per gallon = 10lbs.
  • % of Available Chlorine = 12.08
  • Lbs. of chlorine per gallon = 1.208lbs.

10% Sodium Hypochlorite (Bottle Label) Sold at: Almost all pool stores locally, the Big Box Convenience Stores, Local Hardware Stores.

  • Percentage strength at Bottling = 11.00% (at its strongest level at bottling it is 3.5% weaker than 12.50%)
  • Lbs. by weight per gallon = 9.63lbs.
  • % of Available Chlorine = 9.52
  • Lbs. of chlorine per gallon = .92lbs.